Those chiefly that first led me to the love Of rivers, woods, and fields. From week to week, from month prelude To Evening month, we lived A round of tumult.

From the vast city, where I long had pined A discontented sojourner: now free, Free as a bird to settle where I will. The middriver comes with new rubber surround, optimised for better air-flow and termination of cone energy, underhung voice coil, 6 mm windings in a 13 mm gap. The actual 15H52 varies from the one shown on the PD in having an underhung voice coil. This may be an odd place to start, but why another speaker?

The world is full of speakers and don’t we have enough? From mails coming in, the appetite for new speakers in the diy community is endless. Curiosity and the passion for making something better than last time is the main driver. This must have been going on ever since we sat around the fire carving bows and arrows.

The construction shown here will offer you an opportunity to reach into serious high-end, that is: If you make rock solid cabinets, if you damp them well, if you offer serious money on drivers and crossover components – and if you have a good amps and source material, the latter not least important. All of this doesn’t come cheap and we’re into the area of diminishing return from our investment. During construction and crossover optimisation, the Morel CAT-308 was the tweeter in place and did a damned good job. 9900 not only allowed better phase integration, simpler crossover, better sound, thus the 9900 it’s going to be.