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There are tons of features built in to create all types of image maps effortlessly. Get the latest Image Maps updates, news, ideas, offers, and more! Watch Now: News at 10 p. We sell new and used parts and manuals for Satoh and Mitsubishi tractors, and tractors equipped with Mitsubishi engines. We started selling Satoh tractors in 1979. In February 1980, Mitsubishi and Satoh merged.

Therefore, when you click on the U S Mitsubishi link to the left, you will see pictures of tractors that look like the original Satoh’s. In the early 80’s they carried both names. The Satoh name was dropped from the U S market when the MT series was introduced in 1984. The links to the left will take you to our data base of U S market Satoh and Mitsubishi tractors as well as gray market tractors of both makes. We have collected these pictures over the years from many sources but the list is far from complete. Click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger illustration.

There is also a Parts data base which contains scans of parts pages we have sent customers over the years and pictures of specific tractor parts. We expect this will grow over time with your requests for assistance. Finally, there is a link for technical data that is an excerpt from a paper written by our friend and tractor historian, Ed Krampitz, that contains a great deal of helpful information and specifications about the various tractor and engine models. It represents a huge amount of research and we are indebted to Ed for his efforts. The full paper is posted on the Yahoo Club site. The manuals we sell are copies of original manuals with pictures as clear as the original printing. A lot of the manuals sold by others are copies of copies with illustrations that are black and unreadable.

Our manuals are spiral bound for ease of use and have plastic covers. We also service these tractors and provide on line and phone assistance for your tractor problems. We have a growing salvage yard of used parts and are always looking for salvage Mitsubishi and Satoh tractors. Call us for a bid if you have a tractor you don’t want to repair. Please forward this error screen to 198.