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Enhanced CD with video, biography and photo gallery. Hit Parade Italia – Indice per Interprete: T”. In Our Lifetime” Canciones Top 50. This page was last edited on 14 October 2017, at 09:19. When mothers around the country are woken up tomorrow morning with a cup of tea, a sticky kiss and an even stickier homemade card, they will be taking part in a British tradition dating back hundreds of years. Laetare Sunday — the fourth Sunday in Lent. There may not have been breakfast in bed, but families went to church and then exchanged bunches of spring flowers.

The day represented a little jollity to break up the Lenten fast. From early times, cake had a part to play, so if you’re going all out on  a posh afternoon tea tomorrow or toiling over one of  Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge recipes, then you’re on the right  track. Back in the 17th century, Mothering Sunday was referred to as Wafering Sunday — it was named after the crispy biscuits, flavoured with orange or rose water and stamped thin using wafering irons, that were handed out by the children in the family. In South Staffordshire, it was called Furmety or Frumenty Sunday, after a kind of wheat porridge boiled with sweetened milk and cinnamon that was traditionally served. Simnel cake, a light fruit cake with a marzipan topping, which we now associate with Easter, was also a 17th-century Mothering Sunday favourite.

Servants were given the day off to go home, and many of the girls in service would make a Simnel cake to take with them. But these customs gradually faded away as the years passed, until a vicar’s daughter called Constance Smith rejuvenated the British tradition of Mother’s Day. She published a booklet, The Revival Of Mothering Sunday, in 1920. The celebration was particularly poignant after World War I, in which so many mothers had lost sons, and seized the public imagination all over again. These days, we’re generous when it comes to our mums, but then they do put up with rather a lot the rest of the year.

Picking the right gift can be tricky and we all want to get it just right. So, follow our gift guide, which has been specially chosen so you can buy a present today, from pocket money offerings to action-packed days out, spa breaks and luxury treats. What really matters is showing that we love our mums to bits, and while we all know that presents are not the most important thing, wilting flowers  from the local petrol station, anti-wrinkle cream or cards that arrive late are a bit of a letdown. Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. Unwind in 12 acres of magnificent English Heritage gardens and attractive courtyards.