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Yes, it’s SCTV, beaming its two cents worth across the nation. Starring Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin and Martin Short. Television as you’ve never seen it before. Cancelled by NBC, SCTV was picked up by Cinemax in the States and Superchannel in Canada as a 45-minute show, produced every two weeks.

In keeping with the pay-tv spirit of its new host networks, SCTV became the pay TV ‘SCTV Channel’, dropped the musical guests and adopted a heavier focus on movie parodies. The show also gets a new theme, by Russ Little. With the departure of John Candy, only four cast members remained. Despite an apparent unwillingness to take on any new full cast members, they do get some help: John Hemphill, who appeared frequently in bit parts throughout Series 5, appears regularly as Happy Marsden and Wesley Wilks, and contributes some memorable bits, including Shangri-La Dance Studios and Salt Buddy, while Mary Charlotte Wilcox continues to appear as a semi-regular.

While somewhat less consistent than previous series, there are still plenty of great moments, including credible outings by Vic Arpeggio, Jackie Rogers Jr. Brock Linehan, some superb movie parodies, and the excellent serial sendup Six Gun Justice, hosted by lush Happy Marsden. SCTV Channel promos, also featuring clips of past material, with characters reciting the new station motto: Be there! The final episodes were filmed in April 1984. In June, Martin Short announced he was jumping to Saturday Night Live, though Executive Producer Andrew Alexander waited until Tuesday July 3 to make it official: SCTV had wrapped for good.