Farming and landscape in the Yorkshire Dales go hand in hand, and have done for at least a thousand years. Are some m. Telemann – Unique tending to revert to less intensive farming? Voices From the Land shares the reflections of Yorkshire Dales Farmers about their day-to-day practices and their relationship to the unique landscape of fells and dales.

A variety of paintings exploring new styles and inspiration. Having spent many years painting delicate Yorkshire wild flowers, Pamela is now expanding her boundaries, using new techniques and vibrant colours that reflect her feelings and inspiration as she gets older. She continues to paint Richmond and Dales but her love of her favourite poetry has led her to try and capture the pictures in her mind, inspired by the poems. Pamela’s exhibition will include the new territory of illustrative art.

Louise and Rebekah Findlay are a mother and daughter team based in North Yorkshire. Both artists are predominantly painters who like to experiment with method and materials. Ginger Tree will be holding a special Observ event in April, to introduce you to Kathy’s new Observ Skin Diagnostic machine. Kathy is also offering clients who come to the event, a free 40-minute follow-up consultation with a full skin analysis, giving you an in-depth, realistic knowledge of your skin type and condition. Please come along, enjoy a glass of fizz and of course, bring a friend.